Buy Half Cow – Get Grass-Fed Beef in Louisiana

Buy Half Cow

Are you looking for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective option to provide your family with better quality, more nutritious beef? If so, buying half of a cow share may be the perfect solution! In this post we will talk about why purchasing half of an animal is beneficial, the process involved and how it can fit into many families’ lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the benefits of buying half a cow of grass-fed and grass-finished beef from local family farm, customizable cuts to suit preferences, and environmentally-friendly farming practices.

  • Understand costs associated with purchasing a half cow along with freezer space requirements for storage.

  • Maximize use of your purchase by utilizing all parts of the animal, meal planning recipes ideas, proper storage techniques & sharing with friends & family.

Discover the Benefits of Buying Half a Cow

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By purchasing half a cow share or “half beef”, you will not only be able to enjoy nutritious grass-fed and grass finished meat that comes in customizable cuts, but also have the opportunity of supporting ecofriendly farming practices. The amount is approximately 200 pounds of grass-finished beef per order, no small feat!

Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef

When you buy half a cow, why not enjoy the superior nutrition of grass-fed and finished beef? These cattle are nourished with only 100% grass and natural forage throughout their life – leading to an increase in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and conjugated linoleic acid compared to grain fed cows. These animals have more space as they can roam freely from pasture to pasture, fostering healthier animal welfare standards.

Grass-fed beef has its own distinct depth of flavour, which makes for unique dining experiences that are enhanced by the knowledge that it is better nutritionally than your usual cuts of meat. Half a cow share from grassfed and grass finished cattle provides tremendous dietary benefits.

Customizable Cuts for Your Preferences

When purchasing half a cow share, you are buying a live animal, and have the opportunity to customize your order with the processor and receive cuts tailored to your tastes. Various options such as chuck roast, rump roast, prime rib, stew meat, short ribs or ground beef provide plenty of possibilities for experimentation in terms of recipes and dishes. You can also ensure that the selection is adapted perfectly according to what members of your family prefer. Whether it’s juicy steaks they want or tender roasts ! All these advantages make acquiring half a cow very attractive.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Farming Practices

Buying half a cow share from Willow Creek Ranch is an effective way to get high-quality beef while also supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices. Not only do you benefit from the best quality meat, but grass fed cattle have a positive effect on the environment by reducing their environmental impact, fostering healthy soil, sequestering carbon, and cutting down greenhouse gas emissions compared to other types of animals raised for food production. It promotes animal welfare too, which aids in securing long term sustainability when providing us with our nutritional needs now and later on. Purchasing half a cow means making conscious choices that work towards bettering both Earth’s health as well as its future generations.

What to Expect When Purchasing Half a Cow

Buy Half Cow
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When purchasing half a cow share, you should expect to receive approximately 200 pounds of beef from the local processor including ground beef, steaks and other individual cuts. The ratio between these different types may vary depending on the size of the animal as well as from one butcher to another. You are able to choose your cuts directly with the processor or butcher, and Willow Creek Ranch can deliver your animal to the processor for your convenience.

Understanding Costs and Pricing

The cost of a half cow varies widely based on the specific animal (e.g., its age and type), as well as what processor you use for purchase. It averages around $5-7 per pound in hanging or carcass weight. The total price per pound from this finished product typically lands between $9-$13/lb depending on things like customization fees added by your chosen processor along with any extra costs related to delivery charges associated with sending out packages containing said meat products ordered through them online, etc.

Freezer Space Requirements

Receiving a half cow order is an exciting event, but making sure that you have adequate storage space to keep it safe and sound for consumption must come first. One might ask how much freezer room would be needed when buying such amounts of beef? A good rule of thumb is 1 cubic foot for every 35 lbs. A half cow share comes in at 200-250 lbs, so up to 8 cubic feet may be required in order to store your bulk beef purchase adequately. This could mean needing to acquire a different deep or chest freezer accordingly.

How to Order and Receive Your Half Cow

Placing an Initial Deposit

To secure an initial payment for a half cow, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to our farm shop website:

  2. Find and access the section for grass-fed and grass-finished beef shares:

  3. Find the desired beef share (size and timing) .

Make a deposit, or pay the estimated total. Payment plans are available.

Customizing Your Order with the Processor

When ordering a half cow, customizing it with the processor allows you to receive cuts and portions that fit your needs. You can choose which type of beef – such as steaks, roasts or ground beef – you would like included in your purchase, as well as the kind of processing – vacuum sealed packaging or dry-aging for example. Don’t be shy to let them know what exactly is necessary. They usually try their best to fulfill requests so that you get perfect selection from buying this large amount and making great use of it!

Delivery and Pick Up Options

Purchasing a half or whole animal share involves purchasing a live animal. The animal can then be transported to the local processor for your convenience. You arrange your cuts directly with the processor. You can pick them up from the processor, or from our farm in Baton Rouge, LA.

Comparing Half Cow and Whole Cow Options

It is important to look at all the factors such as freezer space, budget and family preferences before deciding whether a half cow or whole cow option would be more suitable. A full side of beef offers up 400-500 pounds of ground beef, steaks and other individual cuts compared to approximately 200-250 lbs when selecting a half. Both options offer similar prices per pound. Purchasing just a half gives you access to an array of products that come with it including various types of steak along with its price being much easier on your wallet than buying in bulk from a wholesaler.

Half Cow: Ideal for Variety and Savings

For those seeking savings and variety, a half cow is the way to go. This option provides greater economy than buying individual cuts of beef, letting customers customize their orders with processors in support of local farmers while reducing carbon output from meat purchases. Plus, for households looking to enjoy grass-fed beef benefits without getting too much meat at once or exhausting storage space and budget restraints – a half cow offers just enough! With manageable amounts perfect for many families, this makes it an ideal choice when considering such options.

Whole Cow: For the Ultimate Beef Lover

For the ultimate beef lover, purchasing a whole cow may be an excellent option to acquire a lot of grass-fed meat. Buying from one animal provides access to prime rib roasts, flavorful ground beef steaks and ribs. To stew meat and organ meat. It is cost effective since you pay less per pound than if you buy individual cuts or quantities separately.

Bear in mind that this will require more freezer space as well as an initial investment for the entire cow purchase. But with these resources available, it can truly benefit those who enjoy high quality steak lovers alike!

Bulk Beef Buying Tips and Tricks

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Now that we’ve gone over everything related to buying half a cow, let’s look at some tips and tricks for making the most of your beef purchase in bulk. To get full value from what you’ve invested as well as have an enjoyable experience with many delicious dishes made from this buy, you need correct storage approaches, appropriate meal planning ideas and suitable recipes.

These pieces of advice guarantee not only sound financial sense but also fun-filled food trips for yourself and your family when getting half a cow!

Meal Planning and Recipe Ideas

Organizing meals with your half cow acquisition is a fun way to experience the variety of dishes it offers. Utilize different cuts of beef and be creative while creating new recipes that your family can enjoy! This will help you save time, money, reduce food waste and make sure everyone gets an enjoyable meal made out of your purchase.

For instance, grilled steaks are a classic, tacos or stewed beef in various flavors may bring excitement to all members at home, and stir-fries flavored as per Asian cuisine might spark interest too. Planning ahead helps take advantage of leftovers, which works best when buying half cows since there’s so much to work on!

Discovering these unique culinary ideas generated by purchasing only one single item can provide adequate nourishment by offering diverse meaty selections throughout each week – ensuring maximum benefit from investing in a “half” bovine product.

Maximizing the Use of Your Purchase

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Buying a half cow is an ideal way to reap the benefits of grass-fed beef. All parts can be utilized for maximum value, including soup bones to make stock, fat used in cooking and organ meats as part of your meals. This helps reduce waste while allowing you to experience new flavors with each bite! Sharing this purchase among friends or family through hosting gatherings like barbecues and potlucks will give everyone a chance to enjoy delicious cuts from the animal’s grass fed diet.


Buying half a cow share can be an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy high-quality grass fed beef, while also being conscious of environmental impacts. This allows you to purchase the animal from a local farmer, where you know the grazing practices and know that the animal is raised in humane conditions. With the right preparation and storage processes, as well as budgeting considerations and ordering details, you will have no trouble making sure that your purchase fits both your family’s needs and dietary desires.

By investing in such sustainable eating practices with this form of meat procurement–be it through taste or ethical reasons – you are bound to embark on one of life’s most delicious adventures. Yielding benefits for yourself as well as our planet!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is in half a cow?

For half a cow, you will be able to acquire around 250-300 pounds of meat that includes steaks, roasts and other cuts like ribs and brisket. It is an excellent deal with these prime beef products being offered for $10 per pound. Half the animal amounts to enough high quality beef for anyone looking to buy some cattle!

What cuts to get when ordering half a cow?

This is extremely specific, depending on the individual animal characteristics, and what you arrange with the processor. When ordering half a cow share, you may be able to receive 12 roasts along with 14 t-bone steaks, 5 sirloin and sirloin tip steaks as well as rib eyes. In total, 6 round steaks. Also included will be flank steak, stew meat (diced beef), brisket cuts for barbequing and approximately 75# of ground beef produced from any of the trimmings or requested cuts out of the whole animal – it’s half! So basically this order provides an ample supply of delicious meats.

How much should I pay for half a cow?

A half of a cow can be bought for an average sum between $1700 and $3000 including delivery. This translates to roughly 10 dollars per pound. The cost depends on factors such as where you source your bovine, but it is true. In this range, you can buy a full or even just a half.

What is the average take-home weight of a half cow?

A half of a cow on average usually gives out an amount ranging from 180 to 250 lbs in terms of the actual weight that you can take home.

How much freezer space is required for a half cow?

When buying a half cow, it is necessary to have around 8-10 cubic feet of freezer space. This should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to make the purchase. Half cows take up quite a bit of storage space in freezers. If there isn’t enough capacity available, then obtaining one may not be possible.